The Green Dress

December 1, 2010

In college I started sewing clothing after quilting for a while.  But I haven’t made a dress in a while… I have a meeting in Houston in a couple of days so I decided I’m going to make a fabulous green dress.

As usual, I wandered around Hancock Fabric and I found this fun Project Runway pattern and some great solid green fabric.

I took a few hours to cut out all the pieces and started sewing.  I picked a simple pattern since I only have a few days.  It does have some simple details – buttons and pockets – to make it a little more fun.

As expected – It was a hit at my meeting.  I did decide that either the dress was too tight or the fabric wasn’t just right as its started to pull at the hips a bit from sitting and standing all day… I’ll have to fix that!




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