Wedding Quilt – Completion

March 12, 2011

Hey Everyone,

I know I’ve been a bit slow at completing this quilt, and I’m sure Melissa feels even more impatient about it.  But, I am proud to say that this past weekend – I completed the wedding guestbook quilt.  And it looks great.

Because of the special meaning and lifetime of this quilt, I wanted to be sure it was designed just as special.  I tried a few new things and tried to make it feel modern and fun.

I’ve never:

– Quilted through my solid spacer fabric with a contrasting color before… But it looks great.

– Created a NOT Solid backing.  I was worried about it being straight and square, and I was right.  At the very edge it veers off a bit… But really, I think it made the back awesome.

– Created my own binding! Again… LOVE. I learned from that process as well and corners are my enemy.

I’m glad its done… Not just to get if off of my to-do list, but so Melissa and Andrew can finally enjoy the memory of their wedding and my special gift!

Love you Guys!



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