Weekend Warriors

March 21, 2011

Happy Monday,

So I know this post won’t have a lot of pictures and isn’t about sewing or cooking or crafting, but I spent at least 16 hours this weekend working on the yard with David.  His front yard was drab dated flowerbeds with little to know flowers in them and grass that needed some help.  A couple weeks ago we found fifteen 18 inch square stepping stones buried in the back yard (story of this house) and thought, what can we do with these?

(Side Story… The discovery of these stones went a little like the movie Funny Farm, thankfully this was no coffin buried in the yard.)

I drew up some plans and we created a large flowerbed that would extend to the street and incorporate the stepping stones and some flowers in the future along the front of the house.

The biggest difficulty was that a tree had been removed when David moved into the house, but it’s root system was extensive.  David has never worked so hard in his life as he did removing those roots.  I’ll add a picture.

Steps we took:
-Removed rocks from what used to be a flower bed (that odd dirt rectangular pile)
-Removed Grass and layer of dirt
-Removed extensive roots
-Edged the bed with a plastic edging
-Laid down a weed/moisture cloth
-One layer of sand about an inch or so thick
-Placed stepping stones
-Added mulch around stones

Anyway, after all that hard work, we have officially created a beautiful walkway to the street.  Here’s what it looks like:


Now to get into my favorite massage place!  🙂

Happy Gardening!



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