Ma Soeur Amie

March 30, 2011

Hi there, this is Melissa, the older sister of Sarah and Amanda.  I was asked to contribute, and I am so excited!

I just wanted to take the time to introduce myself and let you know some things I have been working on.   I live with my husband, Andrew, and our three doggies-Pee Wee, Kona, and Ginger!  Of course the are the cutest pups around, I will post pictures at a later date!

I spend my time working for a local non-profit in town because I am social worker.  In my spare time I love to read a good book, sew a new project, work on my garden, try out a new recipe, or redecorate a room in my house!

Currently, I am working on a quilt.  As you can see I have 4 squares done.  I have this hanging on my wall.  It is a Fons and Porter product and allows you to visualize your quilt.  The fabric I am using is a Moda Charm Pack called Le Petite Ecole.  It is absolutely adorable, as are all moda fabrics.  I hope to keep you updated on its progress!

I also wanted to share pictures of my first spring garden.  My husband built the base, and we filled it with compost from our local natural gardener.  I have planted: tomatoes, rosemary, squash, green beans, garlic, onions, potatoes, cucumber, lettuce and strawberries.

If they survive, I look forward to cooking with these items.  I have been cooking 2 new recipes a week, so I hope to share soon!

One more thing:  A quick and easy way to update your patio!  I added lights from Target, big bulbs with lots of light.  Then I bought three hanging baskets with beautiful petunias!  It made a world of difference and added some spring into my back yard!

Talk to you soon!



One comment

  1. Welcome Sister! So glad you could join us! Looking forward to some more good posts!

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