Fried Catfish and Home Fries

April 11, 2011

It’s the Lenten season and in this household, Fridays mean fish.  My most favorite Friday fish food growing up was when my mom would fry catfish nuggets.  I bought some catfish and had some red potatoes laying around.  After Sarah’s post about home fries the other day, I asked her for her recipe.

Catfish Ingredients
-1.25 pounds of Catfish (fed 3 people)
-Louisiana brand Fish Fry (no extra seasoning added)
-One egg
-about 1 cup of milk
Home Fry Ingredients
-Red potatoes
-Tony Chachere’s Salt Free Seasoning
-Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For Fish:

Make sure your fish are cut into small enough nuggets. To prepare for the breading process, use one plate for about a cup of flour, a bowl for your egg and milk (whisked together), and one plate for the fish fry.  In a large, deep pot heat your oil till the fish floats when you drop it in.  I used my dutch oven for this process to help control the heat.  Rinse off the fish and roll it in flour, dip it in the egg mixture, then roll in the fish fry.  I piled the fish up on the edge of my plate while I finished dipping.

Once the fish is breaded, drop it in the hot oil.  It should float.  If it doesn’t float, it’ll absorb the oil rather than cook in it and then you have soggy, greasy fish.  A few of mine ended up like that.  I spread them out on a pan and put them in a heated oven to dry them out a bit.  As you scoop the freshly fried fish out, place them on a plate lined with a paper towel.  Let cool before trying.

For Home Fries:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  I cubed red potatoes into small pieces so they would cook faster.  I put them in a bowl, covered them in extra virgin olive oil, salt free Tony Chachere’s, and some salt and pepper.  I spread them out on a foil lined pan and put them in the preheated oven.  It probably took twenty minutes.  It depends on how soft you want them, how small the pieces are, etc.

Everything turned out delicious.  I had leftovers of both and reheated the catfish another day.  As for the home fries, I’ll get you a recipe for that soon!  It makes for a delicious piece in my breakfast puzzle!

Happy Eating!



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