This is going to be a pretty quick post.  I’ve never made kabobs before and wanted to do something easy for dinner with Melissa, her husband, and David.  I wanted to combine seafood, meat, and veggies and I thought kabobs would be the best way to do this.

Bamboo Skewers (or metal ones)
-Green and Red Peppers
-Seasoning for meats/fish
-Sausages of any kind work
-Beef (the grocery store had pre-cut kabob beef)
-Scallops (not sure I’d do that again)
-Pork (we bought boneless ribs and cut them up)

All we really did was cut up the veggies into big cube sizes and season the meats.  We did the same rub on the beef and pork and more of a salt and pepper rub on the fish.

To assemble, just layer the meat and veggies one skewers and on separate skewers the fish and veggies.

We put them on the grill to cook.  Obviously the fish skewers take a different amount of time than the meat ones so make sure you take note of that and skewer things of like cooking time.

Here is our finished product!



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