Coming Soon!

Hey Cut.Bake.Stitch. Followers!

I was a bad blogger this week and prepared nothing to post.  Although that sounds bad, I want to let you know I did about 5 crafts this weekend and I cooked too!  I’ll prepare those blog posts so they’ll be ready to go the next few weeks.

Here’s a preview:

  • T-shirt yarn!
  • Braided t shirt yarn necklace
  • T shirt yarn crochet ball
  • Felt wreath (with variations)
  • Embroidered pillow case
  • Chicken Salad
  • Chocolate chip cookies

Ok, I think that’s everything I’m going to blog about over the next few weeks.  Ha!  I did them all in one week too!   (Some with the help of my aunt and cousins.)

I hope everything is going great in your world, reader.  My craft room project has been put on hold due to a very busy schedule on my part.  But I promise to return to it soon.

Thanks for reading!


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