Felt Wreath

Today’s post is going to reveal two important things about me: 1. felt is one of my favorite things to craft with and 2. I am obsessed with wreaths. Seriously.

I made a felt wreath (adapted from the book “Fa la la la Felt”) with my aunt and cousins so you’ll be able to see some great variations.  It’s pretty simple, follow along!


  • One wire hanger (NO MORE WIRE HANGERS! – just had to get that out there)
  • Wire cutters (small ones are good, I only had HUGE ones.)
  • Scraps of felt (or precisely cut pieces like me)
  • Tape (I used painters tape, duct tape would work too)
  • Ribbon or extra felt

Cut your wire hanger about 3 inches to the side of the hook.  Force the hanger into as circular of a shape as possible since you want it to look like a round wreath in the end.  You will feed pieces of felt onto the longer side of the hanger until you fill it up.  My cousin used scraps while I used strips.  The way you feed them onto the hanger determines how they will look.  You’ll see my wreath is very uniform because I pushed the felt all the same way.  My aunt’s wreath is not as uniform and much fluffier because she twisted and turned her felt as she pushed it onto the hanger.  Have fun with it!

When you fill up your hanger you can tape the wire together to close the loop.  We ended up twisting the wire to hold it in place and then taping it.  I then wrapped the hook of the hanger with burlap to give it a finished look.  Voila, it’s done!  And you can make it whatever shape you want since it’s wire!

Above is my aunt’s wreath!

This is my cousin’s wreath!

Above is my wreath, and it’s on my door!

Happy crafting!


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