Felt Wreath

March 26, 2012

I was preparing for a trip to visit my grandmother and tasked with making her two new wreaths for her home.  This wreath was to go on her back door that stays open into her living room.  I wanted to make something springy and happy and this is what I came up with: a felt bulb grapevine wreath!

In order to make this wreath, you need to pick what color felt bulbs you want to make.  I chose a mixture of blue and yellow to give a good Easter / Spring feel to the wreath.  I’d love to make one for my house that is made of one color.  I’ll post if I make it!

I was anything but precise when I cutting my felt squares.  I cut my felt sheets into approximately 2 inch strips.  (I cut it in fourths.)  Fold the strip in half (or thirds) and roll it into a bulb.  Secure with a straight pin.

 I laid out my pinned bulbs on the wreath until I decided I had enough to cover as much as I wanted.  I then heated up my hot glue gun and filled the bottom with hot glue to hold it together as well as the end where the pin is securing the bulb shut.

Glue the bulbs in whatever design makes you happy and enjoy your beautiful wreath!  I added a big yellow bow to make it springy, but it is beautiful without the bow too!

Happy Crafting!



  1. I love it!! it looks so bright and really effective!!

  2. Sooo cute!

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