Letter Wreath

The second wreath I made for my grandmother was a foam board letter.  I was given the task to make a wreath for her front door that has a screen door over the front and is not a wide door.  I saw plenty of inspiration on Pinterest and decided on a monogram.  I went to the local craft store and couldn’t find any great pre-made letters in a font or size I wanted.  (I am a font snob, by the way.)

-One foam board
-White acrylic paint
-Exacto knife

-Sketch or print out a letter you’d like to cut out.  I hand sketched a letter from a font I found online that I loved.  I was doing the letter R.
-After sketching, use an exacto knife to cut out the letter.  This part can be tricky so make sure your knife is REALLY sharp!
-After the letter is cut out, I used sand paper to smooth out the edges (my knife wasn’t sharp enough)!
-Paint the letter the color you’d like.  I went with white to really pop on the front door.
-Add ribbon and hang on your wreath hanger!

Happy Crafting!


  1. I was looking for a wreath idea for my front door and I’m thrilled that I ran into your idea. It’s great because it allows for personal flair, yet has a great basis for the project. I think I even have the necessary supplies on hand! Thanks so much.

  2. […] “What was my project?” you ask.  It’s a wreath!  Sort of.  It’s round.  It goes on my door – so it’s a wreath, right?  You be the judge.  Either way, I’m thrilled with the outcome and pretty sure it’s a wreath since a co-blogger called hers a wreath as well and it wasn’t round in the first place.  I got my idea from Amanda over at Cut Bake Stitch – here’s a link to her lovely and economical wreath: Letter Wreath. […]

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