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The Grind

April 16, 2012

Hey y’all,

I’m sorry to miss a week or so of blogging. I had everything lined up to post and then let it all fall through the cracks! Life is busy right now (I’m sure for everyone, right?)! Besides personal issues, work is in busy season with more piled on. My semester is coming to an end with huge papers due (that I have neglected all semester). I did however make a delicious breakfast yesterday that I hope to blog about when I remember to upload my photos onto my computer (which will be this week)! I also cleaned up and out my craft room to make it more livable and easier to use. I hope that leads to more crafting! I have a couple half completed wreaths, a partially done quilt from a couple years ago that desperately needs to be finished. I also want to make pillows for my living room and curtains for my bedroom! I have high hopes and hope to get it all accomplished and posted soon! So please keep coming back! I’ll update you soon!

Happy Monday!


Spring Break

April 2, 2012

David and I took a trip for Spring Break and got to do some manual labor and eat some yummy food!  Here’s a peek at our trip:

Pulled weeds, mulched, and planted flowers for grandma!

Trimmed and shaped grandma's bushes! Gorgeous.

After a long day of work, Drive Thru Daiquiris: White Russian and Margarita with salt! Mmm Mmm mmm

Top off our trip to grandma's with delicious crawfish!

It was a great trip visiting family and eating delicious food!  We are ready to go back!

Happy travels!