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I am so sorry we have been MIA for so long. Life has really taken over any blogging I may want to do. I haven’t crafted, sewn, or hardly even cooked or baked in who knows how long! It’s so sad. I know I promised a lot to you and haven’t fully delivered.

To start this post I’ll let you know today begins construction on my bathroom remodel! Through all that life has thrown at us lately we are still finally able to remodel one of our bathrooms. Our home was built in 1967 and I’m pretty sure the bathroom has never been touched. Here I will post before photos as I cleared it all out in preparation for big changes.

We are changing the door to a pocket door because of how you currently have to dance with it to get in and out of the space. We are changing everything out except the toilet and linen closet. We are trying to keep some character so we are using hexagon tile in the bathroom and will do subway tile around the tub.

The remodel should take a couple weeks so I will post progress pictures as exciting things happen!

Thanks for staying in touch. I cooked this weekend and plan to bake this week! I also will try to craft while I’m home during construction!

Happy Monday!




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