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String art

August 20, 2012

My friend Nicole recently moved to a new place. I decided to make her housewarming gift and since she’s crafting creative I knew I had to make something and not just buy something. After searching through Pinterest I came across state string art and knew this was the perfect gift for her.

I went to The craft store and bought a pre-cut square of wood that had a pretty edge on it. I then painted it orange and the edges white and covered in modge podge so it would have a pretty sheen to it.

Next I printed out a map of the state of Texas a little smaller and then my piece of wood. I then laid it on my wood and marked spaces for where I would want to put nails around the edges to make the border of Texas.

I then hammered in nails less than an inch apart, depending on the size of wood, to make the border of Texas. I also wanted to put a heart in the middle of Texas to signify that her home is where her heart is.

After all the nails were in place I get a white piece of embroidery thread and tied a knot at one nail and then randomly stretched the thread from nail to nail to make a design. I tried many different designs from very organized to disorganized and found I liked disorganized better as you can see in my final product below.

This project was way easier than I thought it would be as inspired me to want to try new things like words or other images rather than just a state out of string.

I can’t wait to post my next idea!

Happy crafting!







Fondant cake class

August 13, 2012

I recently took a fondant cake decorating class at our local bakeshop. It was a really neat experience because I’ve tried to decorate cakes and fondant before and been very unsuccessful. I took the class with my Aunt and two cousins and we had a blast. It was during Olympic season sore cake had the Olympic rings and a gold metal on it.

In the class we learned the basics of how to layer I cake and then covered it with buttercream icing. We first used buttercream icing to stick the first layer of the cake to the cardboard and then we put it filler layer of buttercream on the top layer of that first layer. You don’t want to put too much buttercream icing in the middle or it’ll all ooze out when you put the next layer on top. That leads us to the next up which is putting the next layer of cake on top of that and pressing it down to its firmly stuck all around to the layer of icing in the middle of the two cakes. The next step is to ice the cake Starting with the top of the cake and then the sides of the cake. We learned some tricks on how to not get crumbs in your icing and also how to make sure you have an even flat edge on the sides and on the top of the cake.

Then we got to the main event: icing the cake with fondant! This is really interesting! She taught us how to roll out our fondant and then how to lay across our cake so it was smooth all around which has been a problem for me in the past in my cake decorating.

I feel very confident in my ability to cover a cake in fondant now as well as decorate with additional fondant pieces. Check out my pictures below to see the process and final product!

Happy baking!


Two layers of cake



Buttercream layer




Fondant layer





Final product



Gold Medal



Olympic Rings


Bathroom: complete

August 7, 2012

We have finally finished out bathroom down to the last details! We had to paint the ceiling and touch up the walls. I also finally found shelves I wanted and they were at lowes all along! I’m still missing an integral piece but that will come with inspiration and time!

Check out our beautiful bathroom!

Happy showers,