String art

My friend Nicole recently moved to a new place. I decided to make her housewarming gift and since she’s crafting creative I knew I had to make something and not just buy something. After searching through Pinterest I came across state string art and knew this was the perfect gift for her.

I went to The craft store and bought a pre-cut square of wood that had a pretty edge on it. I then painted it orange and the edges white and covered in modge podge so it would have a pretty sheen to it.

Next I printed out a map of the state of Texas a little smaller and then my piece of wood. I then laid it on my wood and marked spaces for where I would want to put nails around the edges to make the border of Texas.

I then hammered in nails less than an inch apart, depending on the size of wood, to make the border of Texas. I also wanted to put a heart in the middle of Texas to signify that her home is where her heart is.

After all the nails were in place I get a white piece of embroidery thread and tied a knot at one nail and then randomly stretched the thread from nail to nail to make a design. I tried many different designs from very organized to disorganized and found I liked disorganized better as you can see in my final product below.

This project was way easier than I thought it would be as inspired me to want to try new things like words or other images rather than just a state out of string.

I can’t wait to post my next idea!

Happy crafting!







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