Welcome to 2013!

January 2, 2013

Hello Readers!
I hope we haven’t lost all of you in our absence over the past many many months. There was a lot going on in our worlds and we look to 2013 as a year of hope and happiness. We wish the same for you too!

My hope for this blog in 2013 is to be more consistent with posts, like in the old days! I did a lot of crafts over the holidays, but didn’t take my camera out as much as I used to! I will post some images in the coming days, weeks, months of some of those projects as well as how I did them! Another hope for the coming year is more opportunity to craft! I have a good friend I work with who is a fantastic and dedicated crafter, and I hope we have the opportunity to craft together and I can share it with you! Finally, I look forward to cooking more. I hate to say it, but my husband and I are trying to be more “paleo” in how we eat so I hope to be discovering new recipes and techniques over the coming year to be healthier and happier in our lifestyle!

I look forward to connecting with everyone again and growing as a crafter, baker, sewer, wife, daughter, sister, and friend!  Happy 2013, everyone!

Happy New Year,



  1. Good to have you back. Will look forward to the weekly posts.

    • Thanks for the support! It really helps motivate me. 🙂

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