Our First Christmas

January 7, 2013

This year was David and my first Christmas married!  We have gone our separate ways for a few years, and this year we both went to my family’s home!  We decorated our home together this year and I decided I wanted to complete one holiday craft for us each year.  This year I made us stockings.  I wanted us to have stockings that were homemade, but could also grow with our family.

When the discussion about stockings came up, David and I had the conversation about family traditions regarding stuffing stockings.  His family always puts gold chocolate coins, a magazine, and a few other special treats.  My family always finds a toothbrush, some candies, and other unique gifts in the stocking.  We also decided things in the stocking didn’t have to be wrapped, but they could if they were extra special.  What are your stocking traditions?

I researched and pinned stockings for months leading up to Christmas until I decided to buy fabric and bite the bullet.  I followed the directions provided here: http://www.dsquilts.com/fabric_and_patterns.asp?PageID=214

I did not use the stocking pattern on the directions because I wasn’t a huge fan of the shape.  Instead I layered two old stockings I had at home to create the perfect shape stocking.  (Though my husband might argue it’s too small after stuffing it this Christmas.)  I decided to go with a color scheme for each of our stockings so as we add, each family member can have a different color/theme stocking.

homemade christmas stockings

Homemade Christmas Stockings

Above you can see my final product!  The red plaid is mine and the green is David’s!  I LOVE David’s the most, but they are both beautiful!  I’m very proud of my work.  I cut out, quilted and finished both stockings in two days (work days at that).  I am looking forward to the day our family grows and I get to make more of these.  David thinks I should make them and sell them, but then again, he says that about a lot of what I do (probably because I am so happy when I do this kind of thing).

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment!

Happy Sewing,


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