Fabric Flower Wreath


I am so excited to be crafting and cooking and getting back into the groove of taking pictures of what I’m accomplishing!  This past week my wonderful co-worker hosted a craft night.  I made a ridiculously long list of all the projects I am working on, want to work, and dream about.  The project I’m posting about today is a carry over from my wedding.  I had a dream to line the aisle at my wedding with beautiful blue fabric flowers.  My sister, mom, and a bridesmaid helped me make my dream a reality by cutting a ridiculous number of circles, folding, and sewing them to make gorgeous flowers.  It was one of my favorite pieces of the wedding.  (I’ll post a follow up blog this week with how to make the flowers!)

Finished Wreath
Finished Wreath

After the wedding, I’ve moved the flowers around the house to accent different things like the dining room table or the mantel, but I wanted to find a permanent home for them.  I batted around the idea of headbands or necklaces and finally realized a wreath would be perfect.

-Fabric Flowers
-Corsage Pins
-Styrofoam Wreat

I began by wrapping the styrofoam wreath in a cream taffeta ribbon that was also left over from my wedding.  I wrapped it ever so carefully to overlap and create a geometric backdrop for my wreath.  I hot glued the start and end of the ribbon in place, but it could easily be pinned since it is a foam wreath.

Ribbon wrapped wreath
Ribbon wrapped wreath

The rest is simple.  I shaped the flowers and placed them one by one onto the wreath, securing them with a corsage pin.  I used corsage pins because if they were seen, they would be elegant, but also they are thick enough to go through all the fabric of the flower.  I layered the flowers and placed them until I was happy with the look.  I attempted the full look, but decided I much preferred the “less is more” look.  You could use less or more to make the wreath as full or off balance as you like!

Full Wreath, not my favorite
Full Wreath, not my favorite

Such an easy wreath, but a big statement!  I can’t wait to hang it in our home.

Finished Wreath
Finished Wreath

Happy Crafting!


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