Hey everyone!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this yet, but David and I got a jigsaw for Christmas and we (mostly me) are so excited!  I love woodwork and wood crafts.  Maybe it’s because my grandfather was a carpenter and I grew up going to his shop all the time or because my dad was Mr. Fix It and was always working on something.  No matter where it came from, I am so pumped to have one and to be able to create beautiful stuff with it!  I have already started a board on Pinterest with ideas for it’s use.


My first projects are actually just with scrap wood in our shed and some fence posts from my parent’s old fence.  The picture above is the first time I used the jig saw.  If you ask David, he can confirm my overly giddy excitement.  I want to make a few signs for the house and others using the wood around our house to get practice on the jigsaw.  I really hope David takes an interest in it also and maybe together we can make a big project (like a new headboard)!


Do you have a jigsaw or want one?  What crafts do you do or want to do?  The world is my oyster and I’m so excited to get moving!

Happy sawing!



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