Jigsaw Project: Marriage sign

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing really well.  I am doing well and really excited Valentine’s day is quickly approaching.  I can tell you it is one of my favorite holidays and I’m not really sure why.  In my normal life I don’t love pink and red and hearts, but at Valentine’s I practically go overboard on it!  I have a few crafts I made recently that are full of love and celebration so I thought they would be most appropriate for the blogs leading up to Valentine’s Day.

I was finally able to give the gift of my first jigsaw project away!  It was simple, but something for me to practice on.  My beautiful aunt re-married over the Christmas break to a wonderful man.  As a wedding gift to them, I wanted to make a sign declaring the establishment of their new family bonded by marriage.  I sketched out their name and wedding date after cutting and painting an old fence board.  It was a pretty simple process.  I wrote out the text in sharpie and then painted over to complete the look.  Check out the finished product:

Miller Sign
Miller Sign

I didn’t get around to sealing it with any sort of sealer, but I would definitely suggest doing that.  I also did not attach a bracket to the back because, since it is a small sign, I believe they can hang it or put it on a shelf to display it.

I have yet to make one of these for David and I, but I hope to make one soon.  I made one for Melissa and her husband when they married and used their wedding colors.  The options are endless really, just let your creativity flow!

Miller sign on display
Miller Sign on Display

Happy love,



  1. Thank you Amanda, we absolutely love it and can’t wait to display it in our home!
    Something so simple to make but means so much to us that it was handmade will be treasured for many, many years to come.

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