100th Blog Post!

I know it has taken a while to get here, but we are finally on post 100!  This moment reminds me of elementary school when you reach the 100th day of class and everyone brings in 100 of something, you eat cake in the shape of 100, and you party like there is something amazing to celebrate!  Does anyone else remember those days?  Do they still even do that?  Kindergarten had some fond memories!

In order to celebrate 100 blog posts on Cut.Bake.Stich, we decided to recap what got us to this glorious moment! Since we began blogging in September 2010, we have accomplished a lot (in our little world):

  • Our highest views in one day (185!) was March 10, 2011, when we first shared our blog with the public!
  • We have had viewers from all over the world: 67 countries in 2012 including Canada, the UK, Russia, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and Argentina to name a few!
  • Facebook is our top referrer, but Pinterest is quickly catching up (feel free to pin our work!)
  • Our most returning visitors are for our Corn, Crab, Shrimp Soup recipe and Cake Ball & Cake Batter Ball posts!
  • Melissa has blogged twice, Sarah blogged 11 times, and Amanda has blogged 86 times! (Cut.Bake.Stitch blogged once to welcome everyone!)

I’m sure the list of statistics goes on and on, but we are excited to have posted 100 times and can’t wait for the next 100!  I am hopeful that goal will be reached within the year or shortly after at the consistency we have been blogging this year.

If you’d like to see one of the previous blog ideas re-visited or have an idea for a future blog post, please comment below and we can chat about it!  We love hearing from our readers and getting to know you!  Also, if you haven’t subscribed already, please do on the right hand side of the screen! We’d love to have more of you as friends!

Happy blogging,

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