Homemade Baby Quilt


Ok guys, this is another project I have been dying to blog about, but like the wooden sign, it was a gift – for the same person! I decided early on to make my future niece a custom quilt just for her to roll around on, snuggle in, and have for life! I picked the fabric before I decided on the pattern or shape of the quilt and then ran across an adorable quilt I just had to try. The pattern is from the book Little Quilts 4 Little Kids by Heather Mulder Peterson.

finished quilt
Finished Quilt

The pattern is called “Oh Baby” and it feathers a name and could be done in a couple different ways.  I chose to make it with yardage rather than a charm pack.   I bought fabric called Vintage Modern from Moda because it has a more grown up little girl quilt!  I also chose to back the quilt with a minky fabric so it would be soft and snuggly for my sweet future niece to cuddle with.

Quilt top and Green minky
Quilt top and Green minky

-I followed directions according to the pattern for the top of the quilt.  (I don’t want to outline them here since the book is for sale.  Pretty sure that would infringe on copyright. But buy the book, it’s cheap an has some great patterns!)

-I also encountered an issue with the fabric I chose: I used a beautiful houndstooth, cut all my pieces, then realized it wasn’t printed on the grain and all my strips were twisted.  I pretty much had to start all over and re-sew the top, but in the end, it was worth it!

-I used a die cut machine for the letters in the middle, which meant I needed a wider strip of fabric for the middle.

-For the letters in the middle, I used Heat N Bond on the back of the grey fabric before I cut out the letters on my die cut machine.  After they were cut out, I attached the letters to the middle strip of the quilt.

-The next step was to iron tear away stabilizer on the back of the houndstooth where the letters were ironed on.  This helped during the embroidery process.

Tear Away Stabilizer
Tear Away Stabilizer

-I do not have an embroidery machine, but I do have a fantastic sewing machine with lots of different stitch styles.  I picked a beautiful X stitch to outline each letter in for the finishing touch.  I used a dark grey thread to highlight the lighter grey letters.

Embroidered edge of letters
Embroidered Edge of Letters

-After finishing the quilt top, I cut a square of the minky green fabric and batting.  I basted all three layers together before quilting it.

Basted Quilt

-I decided to tie the quilt with embroidery thread rather than machine quilt the blanket.

-I went with an eyelet ribbon for the edge to play up the girly, baby fun. I folded the top and bottom layers into the middle and inserted the ribbon between the two layers.  I then top stitched the edge to finish the quilt.

Quilt Top
Finished Quilt Top
Quilt Back
Quilt Back

I was very happy with how the quilt turned out.  I haven’t made a lot of quilts for other people, but I am so excited to be able to give a homemade gift to family!

Happy Quilting,



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