Aquaman Cake

March 18, 2013


I know you read the title and thought, “Oh, Amanda must have an eight year old son who just had a birthday!” but you’re wrong.  I have a brother-in-law who just turned 30 and needed an awesome cake!  That’s right!  When my sister turned 29 she got a Hello Kitty cake and when her husband turned 30 he got Aquaman.  I love those two!

Aquaman Cake Topper

Happy Birthday!

When Melissa first approached me about the cake I did a quick search.  The cakes that exist with an Aquaman theme are quite ornate and over the top.  It was entirely too much to take on so I decided to go with a different approach.  I knew I needed to use his colors and symbol and incorporate water.  Instead of using fondant, I decided to go with a buttercream frosting using a star-tip for decor.

-White Cake (I used a box mix)
-Your favorite buttercream recipe (Find my favorite here)
-Gel Dye in desired color
-Star Tip (any number works)
-Any other cake decor

1. Bake 2 nine inch cakes.  This time around I used silicon pans to help with level cakes.  (I was too lazy to take out my leveling strips.)

2. Once the cakes are baked and cooled, I glaze each cake with an apricot glaze.  (I use apricot preserves melted down in a saucepan.)

3. This is where you make your favorite buttercream icing.  I make a full recipe of my favorite from the link above.  This is ample to crumb coat the cake and do a decorative design (see below).

Aquaman Cake

Aquaman Cake

4. I used yellow, green, and orange to dye my icing.  I estimated how much of each color icing I would need for my specific Aquaman design and it worked out perfectly!

Aquaman Cake

Aquaman Cake

5. In regards to my design specifically.  I was commissioned to make an Aquaman cake with no other specific direction.  I had to do some research to learn more about this animated figure I knew nothing about.  After much research I decided on the logo of Aquaman.

Aquaman Cake

Aquaman Cake

6. Of course, you’ll notice the super awesome guy in a speedo adorning the cake.  I wanted to find an Aquaman action figure, but those aren’t easy to come by or get quickly so when I saw speedo man, I knew I had a winner!  (I also applied some gold edible dust over the logo to help it seem  super!)

Aquaman Cake Topper

Aquaman Cake Topper

Aquaman Cake Topper

Aquaman Cake Topper

Happy Birthday, Happy Cakes, and Happy Cake Topper!



  1. Nice cake! Great speedo!

    • I don’t know how I missed your comment, but thanks for the compliment! 🙂

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