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Mother’s Day Gift

May 16, 2013


This Mother’s Day, I decided to go the homemade gift way.  Isn’t that what mother’s love the most?  The phrase “Home is where the heart is” is possibly the most important saying in my world.  We have come across the saying “Home is where mom is” in the time since my childhood and I couldn’t agree more!  I knew when I wanted to make my mom a gift, it should involve that saying.  I decided to make her a sign with a mixture of painting and nail art.  I would’ve done the whole thing in nails, but I didn’t have a big enough board or enough nails! Here’s the finished product:


To explain the nail art, I did it just like I did the state of Texas in a earlier post.  I printed out the word MOM and put nails evenly spaced along the edges.


I used smaller nails this go around, which was great, but they bent easily.  I then removed the paper to be revealed with just nails and a mystery shape.


Clearly, that’s a sideways image.  After that I used thread, just normal sewing thread and picked three shades of blue.  I did a random pattern and made sure to push the thread down to give it some depth on the nails.


Voila!  That’s how easy string art is!

Happy Crafting,


Home is Where Mom Is

May 13, 2013

Hello world,

I have been MIA, I know.  I have no excuse.  But today, I want to drag Mother’s Day out one more day and share some words about my sweet mother. Side note: I haven’t been at the top of my game in composition recently, so bear with me as I try to articulate my thoughts.

Those of you who know me personally have most likely met my mother.  She is a shining ray of sunlight that lights up every room she enters.  I have yet to meet a person who didn’t just love my mother the moment their smiles met!  For me, she has always been the guiding force in my life.  “Mom knows best” is a phrase I’ve always held close to me.  If mom thought something, she was almost ALWAYS right.  If she didn’t like someone, they were probably bad news.

My mom has always been the one to hold our family together.  She cherishes each one of us beyond limits.  And we cherish her the same.  Her past year has been the hardest, as you probably know, but she remains the center of our world.  A guide, a friend, a sweet hug, or sweet kisses.

This post hardly even scratches the surface of how important my mom is to our family.  She deserves the world and we hope we make her proud everyday!

To all the other mothers and mothers-to-be in my life, you are really something special too.  A friend posted yesterday and commented how much she loved seeing everyone say their mama was the best because that’s the way it should be, and I completely agree!  You are the best and I hope you know it!

Happy Mother’s Day, ladies.

ps. I made my mother’s day gift so I’ll try to blog about it Thursday!