Mother’s Day Gift


This Mother’s Day, I decided to go the homemade gift way.  Isn’t that what mother’s love the most?  The phrase “Home is where the heart is” is possibly the most important saying in my world.  We have come across the saying “Home is where mom is” in the time since my childhood and I couldn’t agree more!  I knew when I wanted to make my mom a gift, it should involve that saying.  I decided to make her a sign with a mixture of painting and nail art.  I would’ve done the whole thing in nails, but I didn’t have a big enough board or enough nails! Here’s the finished product:


To explain the nail art, I did it just like I did the state of Texas in a earlier post.  I printed out the word MOM and put nails evenly spaced along the edges.


I used smaller nails this go around, which was great, but they bent easily.  I then removed the paper to be revealed with just nails and a mystery shape.


Clearly, that’s a sideways image.  After that I used thread, just normal sewing thread and picked three shades of blue.  I did a random pattern and made sure to push the thread down to give it some depth on the nails.


Voila!  That’s how easy string art is!

Happy Crafting,


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