Baby Shower Wreath


I showed you a picture of the cute wreath I made for Melissa’s baby shower and wanted to give a quick tutorial and supply list of what I used for the wreath.  It was a pretty simple wreath.

-Straw wreath
-Wide Burlap Ribbon
-Wide Chevron Burlap ribbon
-Two-tone twine
-Straight pins
-Wreath wire
-Fabric of your choice for onesie
-Embroidery thread
-Batting to stuff onesie
-Tiny clothes pins

Supplies (plus a few extras)

How To:
1. I started with wide burlap ribbon and wrapped the straw wreath till it was completely covered.  You need to work with the burlap a little to prevent weird folds or wrinkles.  I used straight pins to hold it in place rather than hot glue.

2. Using the wide chevron burlap ribbon, I made a very simple bow and secured it in the middle with wire.  I secured  it to the wreath also using straight pins.

3. I used two-tone twine to create a clothes line across the top of the wreath.  I simply wrapped the twine around one side of the wreath, tied a bow, and stretched it across and repeated the bow on the other side.

4. To create the onesies, I free-handed a onesie on a piece of cardboard and then using scissors, cut onesies out of the yellow polka-dot fabric.  I used embroidery thread and a thick needle to create the black stitching around the edges.  Once almost around the onesie with stitches, stuff batting into the onesie to create a stuffed look.  Finish stitching the edge and tie off inside.

5. Using tiny clothes pins, attach each onesie to the twine to create the clothesline look.

Baby Shower Wreath
Baby Shower Wreath

Voila, you have the perfect baby shower wreath!

Happy Wreath making,


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