Burlap strikes again!


I’m telling you, we cannot escape burlap.  It finds us even if we try to escape it.  So let’s just embrace it!

I found this cute burlap ribbon at the craft store and came home with it trying to brainstorm how to use it.  I decided sweet flowers with button centers would be the best use, but then I had to decide what the background of this wreath should be.

I started with my yarn wreath as the backdrop.

Burlap Flowers on Yarn Wreath
Burlap Flowers on Yarn Wreath

Then decided to switch to my burlap wreath.

Burlap Wreath and Flowers
Burlap Wreath and Flowers

What do you think?  Simple, I know.

To make the flowers, simply fold the ribbon as many times as you’d like “petals.”  Once you’re satisfied, slip a needle with embroidery thread through the center to hold it in place.  You can twist the “petals” until they are evenly spread out.  Continue to stitch, add a button or something decorative to the center if you’d like.

I attached the flowers with straight pins (which you can see if you look closely).  I like being able to change things up.  Maybe that means I’m not good at committing?  Read into it as you see fit, but I’ll just be happy with my sweet burlap wreath… for now.  🙂

Happy wreath making,


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