Master Bath Update

Happy Thursday!

I am energized already by being able to engage with each of you through this platform, and I hope you are too!

I’ve mentioned the update to our master bathroom on our Instagram page so I wanted to give you some insight to what I did to revamp our builder grade bathroom.

Before I made any upgrades, our cabinets were a medium brown tone with no hardware. We had rectangular mirrors with no frames and lights that were installed poorly and dangled over the mirrors.

Last year I painted the cabinets grey. I started with a chalk paint and it turned out awful so I bought a high gloss paint from Home Depot and went to work. I loved the result so much I painted the kids bathroom vanity too. I immediately bought gold handles for the cabinetry, but didn’t install them until this week.

Since I’ve been furloughed I assessed what projects I hoped to accomplish as well as what gift cards we had laying around from Christmas or before. I went to work pinning projects and landed on mirror frames as an easy starting project. Luckily I have a compound miter saw from my grandfather and other tools from my other grandfather and past collections. The whole process was pretty simple. The hardest part is measuring! (I messed up one set of measurements, but I luckily they were too long rather than too short.)

Stained pine boards. Color Briarsmoke by Varathane.

I stained the wood after making all my cuts.

After it was dry, I applied 3 coats of polyurethane to protect the wood from splashes since this was going by the sink.

In order to build the frames, I decided to use an external bracket to add to the aesthetic of the frame. I really like how the frame turned out with the black bracket.

I was hesitant to glue the frames to the mirrors. I looked up alternatives and found Shanty2Chic used command strips. I bought the 16lb frame hangers and they have held up perfectly. I’m so excited.

The final change came with the light fixtures. Unfortunately when we held the frames up to the windows we discovered they couldn’t fit with the current fixtures. After some searching and sadness, I stumbled upon a pair of light fixtures at Home Depot that were perfect. They have black and gold accents to pull together the mixed metal in the space. Eventually we’ll have to change our bathroom countertop because one of the sinks started cracking after about a year.

This is the final product and we are so excited to enjoy the bathroom. I neglected our master bath beyond any other room in our house so I’m glad to see it’s finally feeling more like our family.

What do you think? What’s your dream bathroom look like?

Have a great day,



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