Favorites: Beautycounter

Hey friends!

You may have seen on Instagram that I shared some of my favorite Beautycounter products. I wanted to highlight them on here too so I could go into a little more detail.

Cut.Bake.Stitch: Favorite Beautycounter makeup products

The products above pictured:
Palette (no longer available, but this one is similar), Dew Skin Moisturizer with SPF, Touchup Skin Concealer Pen, Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation, Satin Powder Blush, Radiant All Over Bronzer, Color Intense Lipstick, Mattifying Powder, Color Define Brow Pencil

Let me start with this palette. Oh my goodness y’all! The colors in here are neutral yet bold. Beautycounter worked hard to make a metallic eyeshadow that doesn’t have bad metallics for your skin.


You can tell I wear that bottom row the most with a hint of the middle row in my creases. The top row are matte finishes and I typically use them as eyeliner. You can see I have the double sided eyeshadow brush and the eyeliner brush snuck away in the palette.

I also wanted to show you inside the blush and bronzers I use. You can see the blush is Melon and the bronzer is Dune. I use very little of each and just layer on depending on how pale my skin is that day. I like a pink hue to my blush for a natural rosy look as well.



These products are well loved and I use most of them everyday. The foundation is super light on my skin, but I will say it doesn’t have heavy coverage if that’s what you’re looking for. When I have a blemish, it doesn’t cover the blemish, but it hides the redness.

I will say the one Beautycounter product I haven’t fallen in love with is mascara. I know they keep changing and improving the product, but I love big, long lashes and haven’t found that with their products quite yet.

Do you have a favorite Beautycounter product you use or mascara? I would love to hear your favorites in the comments below.

Happy day,


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