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Smell the Roses

February 7, 2013


I am so excited about this blog post.  If you know me well, I love cakes and decorating them!  I have been building a Pinterest board with ideas for cake decorating and jumped at the opportunity to bake a cake for my Aunt and new Uncle’s marriage celebration.  I am not actually going to blog about the cake making process because I use a cake mix (shh..)!

Buttercream Rose Cake

Buttercream Rose Cake

For this cake, I decided to attempt a few details I’ve been wanting to try forever.  I’ve drooled over them on Pinterest and now was my chance!  I decided to do a rough side and beautiful roses on top of the cake.  I also went for a small bunting to swag on top of the cake as a makeshift topper.  It was all so much to make.  I’ll blog about the bunting in an upcoming post, so here you’ll get my cake decorating!

I found this awesome instruction (and this awesome inspiration) and followed it roughly.  For example, I don’t have the 1M tip so I used a smaller star tip, but it worked just as well.  Also, I make a buttercream icing using high ratio shortening found at my local bake shop.  This recipe allows for more powdered sugar per shortening  so it’s less oily and more creamy!  It’s seriously delicious.  The other thing I did differently was to use vanilla bean paste.  I knew I wasn’t going to dye the icing so I wanted the speckles of vanilla bean to show up.  It looked rustic and I was so pleased.

Buttercream Rose Cake

Buttercream Rose Cake, Speckled

After giving the cake a good crumb coat, I piped the roses around the outer edge of the top first followed by the center roses.  Start the tip in the middle of the rose and circle around twice.  I found the rose looks different with different twists and turns of the bag, but beautiful no matter what.  Play with the icing and see what design you like best.  As for the rest, I did as the instructions say and added some sweeps between the roses where any holes were left.  As for the sides of the cake, I piped a thick layer of icing around the edge and then using my spatula spread it out and gave it a rough look, which isn’t too hard, but looks fun!

Buttercream Rose Cake

Buttercream Rose Cake, sides

Other tips: I didn’t use my leveling strips around the cake pans and boy do I regret that.  One cake turned out domed and the other slanted.  I have no idea how that happened, but never again will I be too lazy to use the strips.

rose icing wedding cake

Buttercream Rose Cake with Bunting!

I strategically placed the bunting on top and voila, a finished cake!  I hope you like it!  I know there wasn’t much left after the couple cut the cake, must’ve been delicious!

Buttercream Rose Cake

Buttercream Rose Cake

Happy decorating!


Fondant cake class

August 13, 2012

I recently took a fondant cake decorating class at our local bakeshop. It was a really neat experience because I’ve tried to decorate cakes and fondant before and been very unsuccessful. I took the class with my Aunt and two cousins and we had a blast. It was during Olympic season sore cake had the Olympic rings and a gold metal on it.

In the class we learned the basics of how to layer I cake and then covered it with buttercream icing. We first used buttercream icing to stick the first layer of the cake to the cardboard and then we put it filler layer of buttercream on the top layer of that first layer. You don’t want to put too much buttercream icing in the middle or it’ll all ooze out when you put the next layer on top. That leads us to the next up which is putting the next layer of cake on top of that and pressing it down to its firmly stuck all around to the layer of icing in the middle of the two cakes. The next step is to ice the cake Starting with the top of the cake and then the sides of the cake. We learned some tricks on how to not get crumbs in your icing and also how to make sure you have an even flat edge on the sides and on the top of the cake.

Then we got to the main event: icing the cake with fondant! This is really interesting! She taught us how to roll out our fondant and then how to lay across our cake so it was smooth all around which has been a problem for me in the past in my cake decorating.

I feel very confident in my ability to cover a cake in fondant now as well as decorate with additional fondant pieces. Check out my pictures below to see the process and final product!

Happy baking!


Two layers of cake



Buttercream layer




Fondant layer





Final product



Gold Medal



Olympic Rings


Cookie Class

July 18, 2011

Melissa and I took a cookie class recently at a local bake shop and it was so awesome.  I am a terrible cookie decorator and Melissa has had her own issues with cookies before.

These are sugar cookies with royal icing.  The palm tree is a black cocoa cookie, which is just like an oreo cookie.  We decorated with stiff royal icing, flooding with royal icing, and with fondant.  They turned out absolutely adorable and we can’t wait to make more cookies together!

Thanks for your support!
-Amanda & Melissa