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Yarn Wreath

November 4, 2013


If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love wreaths.  If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting my house, you’d know I have a wreath on ALMOST every door (inside and outside).  And we have a lot of doors.  🙂  I can’t help but make wreaths.  They bring me joy like nothing else does.  As I sit down to write this, I worked on three wreaths today.  How exciting is that?   The wreath I’m going to share with you today is my new Yarn Wreath!  It was time consuming, but so easy.  Check it out.

-Foam wreath form
-Scrap fabric (I used white burlap)
-Yarn (Length depends on size of wreath form)
-Straight Pin (to anchor fabric and yarn)

1. Wrap foam wreath form with scrap fabric.  I tore my white burlap into 2-3 inch strips and wrapped the wreath until it was fully covered.  My reason for this step is to cover the green foam of the wreath.  It makes the yarn not have to be PERFECT.  Choose a color fabric that matches your yarn so they blend together.

Fabric wrapped wreath

Fabric wrapped wreath

2. Find a starting point.  Attach your yarn to the wreath form, either with a pin or glue.  Wrap your yarn until the entire wreath is covered.  This could take hours, but be patient.  You’ll be happy with the outcome.

Yarn Wreath

Yarn Wreath

3. Decorate the yarn wreath with any adornments you choose!

Burlap Flowers on Yarn Wreath

Burlap Flowers on Yarn Wreath

Pumpkin Wreath

Pumpkin Wreath

Happy wreath making!


Pumpkin wreath

October 28, 2013

Hello friends,

As you can see by my recent posts, I’ve been crafting up a storm.  Particularly wreaths.  I’ve had these wreath forms laying around my house and been waiting to find time to do something spectacular with them.  Well, here it goes.  I found inspiration from non other than pinterest for this one.

-Scrap fabric
-Wine corks for stems (or sticks)
-Hot glue
-Wreath form
-Yarn or fabric to wrap wreath
-Extra fabric or ribbon for a bow

Pumpkin Wreath

Pumpkin Wreath

1. Wrap your wreath form in yarn or fabric or ribbon to create a background or base for your pumpkins.

2. Cut my fabric into random sized rectangles to create different size pumpkins.  I sewed down the middle (horizontally) of each rectangle to create a gathering stitch to give the pumpkins shape.  Then sewing right sides together, stitch up the two vertical sides of your pumpkins.

3. Flip the pocket right side out.  Pull the gathering stitch to create the bottom gather, and stuff your pumpkins with batting.

4. Hand stitch the top of each pumpkin.  I gathered each top together and used embroidery thread to make a tight gathered top.

5. Hot glue your corks or sticks to create a top for each pumpkin.  I had broken corks I found worked best to vary in size depending on the pumpkin size.

6. Arrange finished pumpkins on wreath.  I used a foam wreath and straight pins to attach.  You could hot glue the pumpkins to the wreath for a more permanent wreath.  I added the yellow bow to give it some dimension and spice.

What do you think?
Happy Fall,


T Shirt Yarn: Necklace!

August 22, 2011

I cut up an old t-shirt and made lovely yarn (see last Monday’s post for a tutorial).

I found all sorts of really fun projects that could be done with this new yarn of mine and decided to start with a necklace.  Now I actually cut this yarn out differently than the tutorial says and I’ll explain that here.

How to:
1. Lay out the tshirt you want to cut flat on your cutting board (if using a rotary cutter).

2. Cut the shirt just below any text and right above the hem at the bottom.
3. Cut this portion of the shirt into strips so you end up with loops the width of the tshirt.  They can be as small as 3/4 of an inch to 2 inches.  The shirt will fold into itself so it shouldn’t be too big or too small.  I cut mine 1 inch wide.

4. After they are cut, pull the loops until they fold over and look like yarn.

5. Cut one end of the loop to have one long strand of tshirt yarn.

6. Leaving anywhere from 3–12 inches remaining, secure the clump of yarn (minus one piece to use at the end for tying) under a heavy piece of furniture or vase so you can braid a tight necklace.  I ended up with 9 pieces of yarn in this segment so I split it into 3 groups of 3 and began braiding till I had the same distance at the other end that I left at the top.

7. Bring the two unfinished ends together and tie the leftover strand of yarn to secure the braids from undoing.

You have a finished necklace!

Variation: once you finish step 2, you could splatter paint, or dye your t shirt to make it more exciting.

Happy Braiding!


T-shirt yarn!

August 15, 2011

I recently learned how to make t-shirt yarn from many blogs out there in the blog-o-sphere.  (Is that what it’s called?  very sciency if you ask me.)

Anywho, I have a million old t shirts that I keep telling myself I’ll either quilt or make into a scarf, so now I can add “tshirt yarn” to that list!

Here’s a great tutorial on how to do it:


*UPDATE: Another good tutorial is here:  Recycle Tutorial – Making Of T-Shirt Yarn | Free Pattern & Tutorial at

My following posts will involve what I did with my tshirt yarn!

Happy yarning!